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Electric Car Conversions

What can a patriotic American do in a country of about 300,000,000 people to help us return to a position of greatness that this country once held? I suppose the answers are obvious; pay your taxes, vote, be honest, help the needy, recycle, . . . etc. We all know those answers. However, there are areas that seem unattainable to the ordinary citizen. For instance; What can we do to change the tremendous imbalance in trade dollars between the USA and foreign countries? How can we achieve individual independence in a world where there are diminishing resources for ever rising populations? What can we do to improve the air quality?

We here at the Electric Car Company know that we are only a few small voices. Though small in number today, we would like to enlist others to join us in a chorus of people who actually care enough to change our habits in hopes that, eventually, when we pass on there will be something that we have done that will have helped this planet turn the corner and become a better place for future generations. In essence we must unite and become the voice for the yet unborn and hope that our actions will leave a place where future generations’ quality of life is at least as good as ours has been. As such, our business of converting cars that will run strong with little maintenance, using a renewable resource that doesn’t pollute is a worthy first step.

In a never-ending quest for profit, over more than 75 years, the car manufacturers and the oil producers, often with the help of naive politicians, have done a very effective job in leading the American public like the Pied Piper towards a more polluted, less hospitable planet.

Our business is not so much a business as it is a ‘Calling’. Helping people get to their destinations safely, while causing as little pollution as possible, without using a finite resource (Petroleum products) and ultimately using a renewable energy like solar power as our fuel is our ultimate goal. Although there isn’t much money in it, its still a great business because it is so gratifying, and the frosting is that we meet so many nice like minded people. Join us in this noble crusade.

Carl Clark & Matthew Clark