EV Electrical Control Boxes

Electrical Control Box

EV Electrical Control Box, 600 Amp, Prewired - $3,545

This prewired box simplifies the conversion process by combining a lot of what you need into one convenient box!
Everything but the motor, batteries, hardware, and charger.

Measuring 18 x 12 x 8 inches, this box is designed to reduce the headaches of wiring up an EV. It comes standard with:

  • 600 Amp, 8 to 340 Volt DC Soliton Jr Controller
  • 12 Volt Vacuum Pump (provides ample vacuum of 23" Hg)
  • Power Max 55 amp DC/DC converter
  • Safety inertia switch
  • 5 fusible links and three 12 volt relays
  • SW-200 Main contactor
  • Ventilation fans

The 2/0 cable connects the high voltage wiring to the contactor and controller. The vacuum pump is 12 VDC and draws about 8 amps. It has an ample vacuum of 23" Hg for safe braking. The vacuum switch is small and adjustable from 3"- 22" Hg and activates when vacuum falls below ~15" Hg.The light gauge wires connect the key switch, voltmeter, charger, potbox and accessory battery +. Schematic included and is available upon request.

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EV Electrical Control Box, 1000 Amp - $4,560

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